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free Lash Adhesive

24hr strong hold
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Free Returns even if worn

14-Day money back guarantee

Lightweight & comfortable

includes x1 lash adhesive bottle (dries clear)

A lash adhesive made for luxury lashes, formulated with the highest quality ingredients to make lash application quick, easy, and flawless.

This brush-on applicator is one of a kind, the ultra-tacky formula means no wait time for application. This lash adhesive is made specifically for lashes that promote multiple wears, so it is gentle enough to easily come off during lash removal and care.


100%! We are the first lash company that will let you, cut, glue and wear our lashes and if you not blown away just let us know and well refund you! A lot of the times we don't even bother you by shipping them back 💞

(please note this is valid for 14 days only)

USPS First Class (2-4 Business Days)

USPS Priority Mail (1-3 Business Days)

USPS Overnight Mail Express (1 business day)

  • Processing Time (Ships from sunny California)

Please allow 1-2 days processing time for your order to ship unless you choose "Don't make me wait. ship my order with in 12 hours

We carry a broad range of lashes made from different materials from:

  • Luxury silk
  • 3D Mink
  • Lite Mink
  • Faux Mink

You will find the material underneath the product name :)


Full refund even if worn

Price per wear


Truly weightless experience

Vegan / cruelty free


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